About Us

LGBT Wealth is Asia’s first specialist wealth management offering serving the LGBT community. LGBT wealth is part of LGBT Capital, which was founded in 2010. LGBT Wealth carefully selects local, quality and licensed wealth management firms, and supports the development of their specialist LGBT services.

We believe a specialist Wealth advisory service focused on the LGBT community is a very important development. Many people in the LGBT community do not have access to advisers who truly understand their needs and that the LGBT life cycle can be very different. Important issues like succession planning or saving for retirement can be overlooked and with a generally higher disposable income there is real opportunity with the right advice for the LGBT individuals to achieve their financial goals. The LGBT market is a significant and growing market.

It is estimated that the LGBT population within the Asia region is over 200 million and represents some US$800 billion in spending power each year. Globally, the LGBT population is estimated at over 400 million with a spending power of some US$3 trillion. It is very important that this section of the market has products and services at its disposal that best meet its needs.

Regulated activities conducted by appropriately licensed advisers in each jurisdiction.