Personal Data Policy Declaration

LGBT Wealth Limited policy in regard to use of Personal Data:

  1. LGBT Wealth Limited’s (the “Company”) policy on Data Collection is designed to conform to the standards laid down by Hong Kong’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. This policy is being provided to existing and prospective individual Clients (the “Client”) of the Company and its related companies (the “Investment Adviser”) from whom personal information has been and / or may in the future be collected.
  2. Personal information collected from the Client (the “Data”) by the Company may be used for the purposes of providing investment advisory and management services, direct marketing, and compiling statistics for internal use.
  3. The Company will at all times observe the Ordinance in the collection, maintenance and use of Data. In particular, the Company will ensure to the best of his / her abilities:
    1. Only legitimate means are used to collect Data;
    2. The Data used is accurate as possible;
    3. The use of the Data is consistent with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) in Hong Kong and the contractual obligations of the Investment Adviser;
    4. The Data is protected and made available only to authorised persons; and
    5. Clients have the right to inspect and amend Data at any time.
  4. Data will only be disclosed consistent with the contractual rights and obligations of the Company to other parties or to other parties authorised by law to receive it.
  5. The Client has the right to:
    1. Check whether the Company holds Data about the Client and gain access to such Data;
    2. Require the Company to correct any inaccurate Data relating to the Client; and
    3. Ascertain the Company policies and practices in relation to Data and be informed of the kind of Data held by the Company.

Regulated activities conducted by appropriately licensed advisers in each jurisdiction.